The Paddock Approach

The world of motorsports is something that many of us love in varying degrees. For some, it’s our career. For many, a hobby. And for others, it’s purely a necessity or something that our loved ones participate in. Regardless of background, at Paddock Homes we recognize that this hobby and career we participate in requires a unique space. This might be as simple as a little extra land to set up a car canvas tent, or as complex as a floor pit in the garage, a two-post lift, an air compressor, water deionizer, air-filtered heating, and a detailed lighting bay. Or maybe you’re looking for a trackside condo! The needs of a motorsport home are not typically met by your average property.


That’s why we focus on your pain points.

We focus on your non-negotiables.

We focus on the real estate market to ensure that your real estate endeavors are marketed well, given proper attention, and diligently researched.

We strive to make your experience with us one of joy, insight, and advocacy.

All of this coupled with our niche focus and in depth marketing efforts brings about an incredible real estate experience.



Why we called it Paddock Homes, the Paddock at every track is comprised of the garages where families and teams come together to compete and enjoy the motorosport they love. The home garage can be the same, obviously every individual has a different means so every paddock varies but that's part of the beauty. So really, we just wanted there to be a place that people could go to source theses incredible and unique homes, so follow along- as the Journey is just beginning!   -Nathan Moore


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Fast facts about Nate… 

Name: Nathan Moore

Born: Bellevue, Washington

Grew up: Issaquah, Washington

Raised by a wonderful Windermere family

Married to my amazing wife, Francesca Moore

First Car: navy 1972 Ford Bronco nicknamed Shelby (only caught fire a few times)

Favorite Architecture: anything in Australia in the bush… lots of glass, concrete, and timber 

If I could only have one modern tool in my garage it would be my impact gun.

Favorite things to do: work on anything with an engine, bike (mountain or dirt), surf with my wife, shoot videography and photography, go to cars and coffee events, and hang out at church